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    The right to be informed.

    This right states that businesses should always provide consumers with enough appropriate information to make intelligent and informed product choices.

    Certification Levels

    Brand Certification:

    When a company integrates clean water practices across their entire corporate structure to cover every location, all products in a brand, processing facility or any other facility that may have an impact on the consumer. 

    Location Certification:

    Clean water practices are limited to a specific physical location

    Product Certification:

    Limited to one specific product

    Company Logo

    Nursing Home Institution

    Muskingum Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation  |  740-984-4262
    ADDRESS: 501 Pinecrest Drive, Beverly, OH, 45715

    Certified: No
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    ABOUT Muskingum Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation:
    Continuing Healthcare Solutions operates skilled nursing, rehabilitation and assisted living facilities across the Ohio region. Their goal is to treat residents with dignity and respect while offering the highest level of exceptional care in the industry.

    Their commitment to strengthening a positive reputation as a preferred healthcare services provider extends to hiring, training and retaining quality healthcare professionals and reinvesting in their facilities. Their latest addition has been to start implementing water purification technology to extend the lifespan of equipment while offering cleaner, safer water beyond industry standards.

    Clean Water Analysis

    COMMENTS: The implementation of the Vulcan Electronic Descaler will provide uninterrupted hard water scale removal without using salt, chemicals, or requiring additional water resources to flush out existing scale built-up commonly found in water pipes and equipment.

    Icon- Hard Water Descaler
    SYSTEM: Vulcan S10
    URL: Vulcan S10
    ABOUT: This electronic anti-scale hard water treatment system is used in over 70 countries and by several fortune 500 companies. The impulse technology does not change the taste of water; it changes the molecular construction of hard water minerals to preventing scale from adhering to water pipes, water heaters, mirrors, equipment and gently flushes away existing built-up scale.

    Icon- Water Filtration
    SYSTEM: -
    URL: -
    ABOUT: -

    Icon- UV Disinfection
    SYSTEM: -
    URL: -
    ABOUT: -

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    The objective of this site is to provide you with a research tool on the companies and products who use Clearly Clean Water™. From that point you can decide if you need to change the companies you support and the products you consume.

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