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    The right to be informed.

    This right states that businesses should always provide consumers with enough appropriate information to make intelligent and informed product choices.

    Certification Levels

    Brand Certification:

    When a company integrates clean water practices across their entire corporate structure to cover every location, all products in a brand, processing facility or any other facility that may have an impact on the consumer. 

    Location Certification:

    Clean water practices are limited to a specific physical location

    Product Certification:

    Limited to one specific product

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    Beverage Product (Fruit Drink)

    Bai Antioxidant  |  (609) 586-0500
    ADDRESS: 1800 E State St, Trenton, NJ, 08609-2013

    Certified: No
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    Clean Water Analysis


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    Icon- Hard Water Descaler
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    SYSTEM: --
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    Icon- UV Disinfection
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    WHAT is this site all about?

    The objective of this site is to provide you with a research tool on the companies and products who use Clearly Clean Water™. From that point you can decide if you need to change the companies you support and the products you consume.

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