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    The right to be informed.

    This right states that businesses should always provide consumers with enough appropriate information to make intelligent and informed product choices.

    Certification Levels

    Brand Certification:

    When a company integrates clean water practices across their entire corporate structure to cover every location, all products in a brand, processing facility or any other facility that may have an impact on the consumer. 

    Location Certification:

    Clean water practices are limited to a specific physical location

    Product Certification:

    Limited to one specific product

    Company Logo

    Restaurant Company

    Sweetgreen  |  (310) 660-7471
    8840 Washinton Blvd, Culver City CA 90232  |  Google Map

    Certified: No
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    ABOUT Sweetgreen:
    Sweetgreen is a destination for real food. We believe the choices we make every day about what we eat, where it comes from, and how it’s made have a lasting impact on our communities. From the seed to the store, we’re involved in every step of the supply chain, working with partners and farmers we know and trust. We make our food from scratch in each sweetgreen every day, using whole produce delivered that morning. Our vision is to inspire healthier communities, by connecting people to real food.

    Clean Water Analysis

    COMMENTS: 12/18/2019: An initial contact request was sent to the company to establish contact and start the process of identifying location specific systems.

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    WHAT is this site all about?

    The objective of this site is to provide you with a research tool on the companies and products who use Clearly Clean Water™. From that point you can decide if you need to change the companies you support and the products you consume.

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