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    Water at its strongest

    "Using clearly clean water practices is not just a good idea or a trendy marketing campaign to distinguish your company. It’s a social responsibility when manufacturing or selling beverages and food items." ~Waslix

    Your company can transform municipal water, and leverage the strong social responsibility of using clearly clean water, as part of a powerful marketing campaign to drive and reinforce consumer loyalty by simply using a 3 system approach to cleaning your water supply.

    Each purification stage is vital, consisting of: hard water mineral descaler, water purification and UV disinfection.

    Although it comes out of your faucet clear, municipal water is really not that clean. A growing concern, fueled by constant health awareness, is making more people mindful to the health implications of ingesting water impurities. This goes beyond simply filtering water. Water purity confidence has been tarnished; even through trusted water brands as latest studies by WHO providing evidence of micro-plastics found in 90% of bottled water.

    The Clearly Clean Water Initiative

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    "Our goal is to help the public identify and research companies and products who use Clearly Clean Water practices to clean their water supply; and to reward these companies and products with an identifiable certification."
    Similar to NON-GMO, Gluten Free, Celiac Disease Foundation, etc.

    Brand, product and location certification is awarded to companies who prove they utilize the 3 purification system: hard water mineral descaler, water purification and UV disinfection. Why are these 3 systems necessary?

    As part of our organization’s disclosure; when we reference a company, product or location we will also include research evidence on the brand and model of each purification system used to further reinforce consumer trust and your company’s commitment to using Clearly Clean Water™.

    ccw brand certified
    Organizations who adopt Clearly Clean Water practices across their entire company. Example: if McDonald's incorporated Clearly Clean Water at every single location and production facilities they would have a brand certification.
    ccw product certified
    This certification is awarded to retail beverage/ food related products. A company may produce one or multiple items but certification is applied to individual products to avoid possible misrepresentation across production facilities. Example: Nestle owns hundreds of brands produced across global facilities.
    ccw location certified
    This is the most common certification. It's awarded to individual locations using Clearly Clean Water practices. Example: local coffee shop, individual franchised Starbucks locations

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    Contact the Certification Department to start the review process, receive account access, order marketing materials, and other tools as you transition to Clearly Clean Water and market your social responsibility of using truly clean water.

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    A few examples of available in-store marketing tools you can use to communicate your commitment to using Clearly Clean Water.

    Sticker and Decals



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    Wall Posters- Simple Communication

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    WHAT is this site all about?

    The objective of this site is to provide you with a research tool on the companies and products who use Clearly Clean Water™. From that point you can decide if you need to change the companies you support and the products you consume.

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